Q + A With Brionna Jones

In her first season competing overseas, Sun forward Brionna Jones is in Russia, averaging 11.8 points and eight rebounds for Nadezhda Orenburg.

Recently, Jones took a few minutes to reflect on her experience playing abroad.

How would you describe your first season?
“I have enjoyed it. It was tough at first getting used to everything. How the game is played, how practices are run. But I’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

Is there a particular area where you think your game has grown?
“I think defensively, I’ve gotten a lot better being able to guard post players who face up and being more confident in my shot and taking it more often.”

Training camp opens April 29th. You must be looking forward to your second year in the WNBA?
Definitely! I’m excited to come back. After playing the whole year now, professionally, I’ve learned a lot and want to see how it translates back in Connecticut and how I can help the team.”

You are in the playoffs now, and with the way the postseason schedule is set up, it could be some time before you get back to the United States. Are you ready to come home?
“Yes I am. I’m here and other people are going home and getting a little break before the start of the (WNBA) season. I kind of want that, but I want to win too. I don’t want to lose!”

Has the experience of playing overseas been what you heard it would be?
It definitely has. You’re doing what you love, but it’s tough being away from your family. But talking to older players, you have more options for talking to your family back home and keeping in touch with people. So that helps….Basketball wise, it’s been amazing, playing good competition in Euroleague. It’s all been a good experience for me. The experience definitely makes you grow up.”