The following policy shall apply to all media personnel that attend WNBA games:
  • Without the prior specific written approval of the WNBA, no media personnel shall transmit or report scores and/or other game information out of an WNBA arena/venue during a WNBA game (by computer, telephone or any other means) to any person or entity (including, without limitation, to his or her assigning news organization) more than three times during each quarter and once during each of the two quarter breaks (with each such transmission or report being no longer than thirty seconds in duration); provided, however, that in the event that the game involves one or more “overtime” periods, two additional transmissions or reports (with each such transmission or report being no longer than thirty seconds in duration) per overtime period (once during the overtime period and once during the break immediately prior to the start of such overtime period) shall be authorized.  To the extent any of such transmissions or reports are “on-air”, the transmission must be made from a designated, “back-of-house” area within the arena/venue.
  • The limitations contained in the preceding paragraph shall not be applicable during pre-game, post-game or half-time of the game.
  • All costs relating to the use by media personnel of any telephone line provided by the arena/venue or team shall be paid for by such media personnel.
  • Any unauthorized transmission or report out of an arena/venue may result in the revocation of any credential issued for any WNBA game and any other remedy that may be available to the WNBA.
Thank you for your cooperation.