Tuck Excited For USA Camp

Morgan Tuck checks in before heading to USA Training Camp with Courtney Williams in Colorado.

Hey Sun Fans!

I have a quick update, but first, I want to thank all of you for all of the support over the past season. I know it will be even better next year!

Even though my season ended sooner than I hoped for, I have some pretty exciting things lined up for the offseason. The first one that’s coming up is the USA Training Camp. I was fortunate enough to get invited. This camp is being used to start picking the USA National team. It’s a huge honor for me because it’s a small step toward my goal of being in the Olympics one day.

The season ended about two-and-a-half weeks ago, and since then, I’ve tried to get rest but also stay in shape. Over the last week, I’ve picked up my workouts to make sure I’m ready for training camp. Coming to camp in shape is really important to me because this is my first time doing anything at the National Team level and I want to make a big impact while I’m there. I definitely think the practice sessions will be challenging, but I am sure they will be really fun too!

Being part of the National Team is something I’ve dreamed about for a long time. Getting invited to the training camp makes me feel great, but it’s just the first stepping stone to where I want to be. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to try out for the team. Playing with some of the best players and with people who have been where I want to get to is a great learning opportunity too.

I can’t wait to get to camp and soak everything in!