Thanksgiving with Morgan Tuck

Because they play overseas during the fall and winter, most WNBA players do not spend Thanksgiving in the United States. Truthfully, most WNBA players become accustomed to missing Thanksgiving while they are still in college.

For that reason, Morgan Tuck is looking forward to a rare Thanksgiving with family.

Q.        “Where will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?”
A.        “I’ll be celebrating at my cousin Ashley’s house in Atlanta.”

Q.        “Who will be there with you this year?”
A.        “My mom, dad, little cousins Grayson and Presley, my Aunt Sonya, Uncle Louis, and my cousins Ashley and Drew.”

Q.        “When is the last time you were home for Thanksgiving?”
A.        “The last time I was home for Thanksgiving was when I was in middle school.”

Q.        “What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?”
A.         “My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom’s macaroni and cheese.”

Q.        “How about a favorite dessert?”
A.        “My mom’s peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.”

Q.        “Growing up, did you have any special traditions? Where was Thanksgiving held when you were young?”
A.         “We usually went to my grandma’s house in Covert, Michigan.”

Q.        “Knowing that you will likely be playing overseas the next few years, does it add a little extra meaning to the holiday this year?”
A.         “This year is really special because it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I’ll definitely enjoy this Thanksgiving more since it’ll be a while before I get to spend it with family again.”