Rehabbing With Tuck: Volume 2

Sun forward Morgan Tuck had surgery on her left knee on September 13th, cutting her WNBA rookie season short. She is currently rehabbing her knee and will be updating fans regularly on her progress. Below is the second installment. Read the first one HERE.

This is week 7 of my rehab journey. Anyone who has gone through an injury or had to do rehab for a long time, knows that sometimes rehab gets a little repetitive and, quite frankly, you sometimes don’t feel like doing it. This was that kind of week for me. When this happens I always think about how if I give it my best I’ll be back better than I was before and that quitting or not giving 100% effort isn’t an option.

This week, I also had a time where I felt like I wasn’t seeing the progress that I wanted to see. I had to remind myself that rehab is a journey and I have to take it day by day. Rehab is usually seen as something that is just physical but the mental part is extremely important. And it can make or break your recovery. One of the main things that I have been trying to do since I got injured was to stay positive and find a way to use my recovery time to get in great shape and be ready for next season.

This week I was able to start adding more exercises and get moving around a lot more during rehab. My new favorite exercise that I do everyday is walking backwards on the treadmill. I know it sounds simple, but it’s not easy at first! Some other exercises that were added this week were a couple that focused on improving my balance and strength.  I also had my third swim lesson. It went really well and I’m definitely improving, but I have a long way to go!

The most exciting part of my week was going to the UConn women’s basketball exhibition game. It was definitely different watching them from the stands but they looked great. It was awesome being back in Gampel and experiencing the game from the other side. I can’t wait to go to more games this year!