Q+A with Bria Holmes

Q: What does it mean to you to be able to remain in Connecticut and play in front of your home state?

A: “It definitely means a lot being able to compete with my family, friends, and my daughter there to watch it all. It means a lot.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about playing for the Connecticut Sun?

A: “Just being out there doing what I love to do; play basketball, be out there every night, compete and being able to play in front of my family, friends, and my daughter.”


Q: What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming season?

A: “I think it will be a great one, with a new team it’ll be a great season. I’m just looking forward to competing and bringing a championship back to Connecticut.”


Q: What’s your favorite memory from last season?

A: “Definitely the finals. That was my first finals. Just being there to experience that with a great group of ladies. Just being there throughout the whole entire thing. I think it was a great experience and I definitely want to experience that again but hopefully win it all!”


Q: What is your pre-game routine?

A: “Normally wake up, go to shoot around, come back, shower, eat, nap, and then get up eat another snack, then head to the arena and listen to music. Probably try to eat anther snack right before we run out and get ready to go.”


Q: Favorite thing to do in Connecticut?

A: “Take my daughter to places, aquariums, museums, parks, doing whatever I can do to keep busy.”


Q: Favorite thing about being a mom?

A: “Seeing her growing up and being able to watch me do what I love to do. Her being there to support me. Just waking up to her every day. Being able to hear her laugh and her cry.”


Q: What are some challenges you face being a professional athlete and a mom?

A: “I would definitely say fatigue; you get tired a lot with a young child. Being able to stay on top of your game for basketball, giving it your all. I would say being fatigued is the most challenging things of being a mom and pro athlete.”


Q: What made you start your AAU Program?

A: “I definitely wanted to give back to Connecticut, my home state, and of course my hometown of New Haven. I definitely want to give back to Connecticut ‘cause I feel like Connecticut is an overlooked state for basketball. There’s a lot of talent here that gets overlooked a lot.  So, that was my goal to get back and get girls into school for free, pursue their dreams, and let them know anything is possible.”


Q: What does it mean to you to be able to mentor younger girls and women?

A: “It definitely means a lot. Women are very strong people and me being able to give them some of my knowledge because a lot of them want to become pro athletes. Just being able to hear my journey and what I’ve been through and me being a mom now too, of course. Just being able to give back, helping them, them following my journey, and trying to pursue their dreams. I think that’s a big thing.”


Q: What do you want to say to CT Sun fans ahead of the 2020 season?​

A: “Let’s get ready to compete and bring that first championship to Connecticut!”