Q&A With Chiney Ogwumike

Chiney Ogwumike updates everyone on her progress since undergoing surgery and her holidays through a series of questions and answers.

Q: How are you feeling? Knowing you, I am sure you are tackling this latest challenge with a positive outlook.
A: I am feeling great! The game we love comes with battle scars, and I am always up to the challenge of using my experiences to emerge stronger than ever before. I was fortunate to have had an amazing experience playing in China, making new friends and experiencing a new culture. But the silver lining is that I am able to spend more time at home with my family, and I am also able to continue working on some new projects that I am extremely passionate about.

Q: Seems like you felt good about the way the surgery went, and about the progress you have made since then.
A: I have superheroes as parents that wasted no time to help get me back on my feet. So while I spent the entire day after Christmas hunting online shopping deals, the accessory that I am most excited to receive is my ortho-boot. Thanks to my family, team and doctors, I will literally be back on my feet before we ring in the New Year.

Q: Looking back on the way last season ended, it seemed like there was a really good vibe around the team. Is this something you think the team can build on from the start in 2017?
A: Last year was a challenging year for our team, but it was absolutely worth it because we found our identity: chemistry. I love every person on our roster, and that chemistry is our greatest strength. We played our best when we shared the ball and relied on each other on both ends of the court. I know next season will be our year.

Q: If there is any bright side to you being sidelined, can you at least enjoy the fact that you have the chance to be home for the holidays? Did you do anything special for Christmas?
A: This Christmas, our entire family was able to be home in Houston, which is a blessing itself. The older we get, the less we focus on presents and the more we focus on just spending time with each other. My favorite moment was watching our living room explode once Kyrie hit the game-winner! Even though my house is divided between Team Lebron and Super Team Warriors, I always just root for a good game.

Q: The Super Bowl is in Houston this year. Any chance you might be going?
A: I am thrilled that the Super Bowl is in my hometown of Houston! I plan on joining in on the festivities, especially if my Texans or Seahawks are representing. But I am most excited that I might get to watch the game in person with my best friend from Stanford, who is now a player for the Cleveland Browns.

So all is well in my world! 2016 was a rollercoaster but it only makes me more hyped for what is to come in 2017. GO SUN!