Curt’s Keys To 2018

Embrace The Expectations:
The 2017 Sun played with moderate expectations and therefore played the majority of the season with little pressure. We must embrace that there will be higher expectations during the 2018 season. We need to stay focused on our preparation, attitude and effort. I believe our locker room culture and chemistry will remain the key to help us deal with the higher expectations throughout the season.

Survive & Steal Road Wins During June/July Schedule:
Every WNBA team has to deal with tough road stretches each season. How teams navigate these stretches is an important differentiator. For that reason, I believe a key to a successful 2018 season is surviving and stealing road wins during our brutal road stretch in June and the early part of July. We will play 13 out of 16 games on the road during a 37-day stretch. If we find ourselves in playoff contention after this stretch, we have the ability to gain momentum late in the season as we finish with 11 of our last 15 games at home.

Stay Healthy/Avoid Injuries:
Injuries play a huge part each season in the WNBA. However, the compressed 2018 schedule magnifies the loss of players due to injuries. For example, a common four week injury could force a player to miss up to 12-14 games. This marks more than 1/3 of the regular season missed with just a common injury. Therefore, staying healthy and avoiding injuries will be a key for each team. And, of course, concerns about injuries naturally highlights the importance of quality depth within your roster. Therefore, depth in a compressed season is a key to our overall success.