Connecticut Sun is Proud to Partner with SportsHi to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day



Connecticut Sun is Proud to Partner with SportsHi to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

-Sports Tech Company SportsHi Awarding Over $35,000 in Scholarships to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day-

Student-driven company teams up with top influencers including TikTok star Anna Shumate


NEW YORK—August 26, 2021 – SportsHi, a unique social platform connecting students to scholarships and career opportunities, is proud to announce its campaign for Women’s Equality Day. The company will be giving out tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships through multiple sponsors to generate awareness in celebration of the anniversary of the 19th amendment granting women’s suffrage.


The mission-driven company regularly partners up with top Gen-Z influencers, such as TikTokers Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson and NBA All-star Andre Drummond, to give out scholarships to high school and college students faced with financial barriers to higher education. This August, their biggest scholarship campaign yet is aimed towards fighting the inequality facing women in sports.


Statistics on female athletes when compared to their male counterparts are shocking, and SportsHi hopes to catalyze the movement of gender equality in sports. Girls are twice as likely to drop out from sports than boys at age 14 and while women make up 54% of college varsity sports teams, males receive over $133 million dollars more in scholarship funding. These figures, along with the 60% of females composing SportsHi’s user base, have led the company to take to social media and spread their message.


SportsHi has partnered with a long list of organizations, athletes and influencers, including TikTok star Anna Shumate, to promote and maximize the effect of their campaign. Their list of collaborators includes Catapult Sports, 1-800-Flowers, Whistle, Connecticut Sun (WNBA), The Gist, Elizabeth Williams (Atlanta Dream) and many more. The New York-based company has raised over $1.5 million to date, including lead investment from the all-female group 37 Angels.


“Our goal for this campaign is to draw more attention to this problem and present a high-impact solution. We hope our celebration of Women’s Equality Day can stimulate change in the sports industry, encouraging inclusivity and equality between male and female athletics. This initiative is just one stepping stone to ensuring that all athletes, regardless of gender, are receiving the respect and compensation they deserve,” said SportsHi CEO Alexander Miles.


About SportsHi

SportsHi was founded in 2018 with a focus to increase student participation in high school and collegiate sports. SportsHi has over 15,000 high schools and colleges on the SportsHi app helping students connect with college, scholarship and career resources.