Catching Up With Tuck

Hello Everyone!

This weekend I had the opportunity to go back to my hometown of Bolingbrook, Illinois to co-host The 19th Annual Community Wide Black History Month Celebration. I was asked by a family friend to co-host the program. I had no experience hosting anything but I was excited to try it out.

The program was at my old school, Bolingbrook High, so I was able to see so many old teachers and staff that were around when I was still a student there. Before the program, there was a reception. I was able to speak with so many people from the community, including Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar. It was great being able to see him because he gave so much support to my team throughout my time in high school.

During the reception, I also had the honor of meeting Reverend Jesse Jackson! This was an awesome experience and something I will never forget. To meet someone who has done so much for our country and particularly African-American men and women. I could see some of the impact he had in people’s lives just by watching how excited everyone was when he received his award. The program went really well and I had a great time. My co-host Achkei “H.K.” Wilson, made being up on stage a breeze. H.K. Is an army veteran and founded Jericho Whalls Mime Ministry at Victory Cathedral Worship Center in Bolingbrook, IL.

Being a part of this program was a great experience and I’m so glad I decided to participate. Giving back to my community and celebrating Black History Month was very important to me and this program was the perfect way to do both.

Happy Black History Month!