Checking In From Israel

Sun guard Jasmine Thomas is spending the WNBA off-season playing in Israel. Here is the third installment in a series of blogs about her experience. You can find her third blog here.

Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since I last wrote and I just wanted to update you all and share a few things.

Three of my friends, Erika, Victoria and Julia, came to visit a couple of weeks ago and while they were only here for seven days we made the most of it! Here’s a list of the places we were able to go: Herzliya Beach, Sarona Market in Tel Aviv, the Safari Zoo in Ramat Gan, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea. We ate at some of my favorite restaurants and went out to experience the nightlife where they met a few of my other friends I’ve made while playing here. It was a very busy week of very little sleep considering I still had practices and a game but it was well worth it! They had such a great time and the timing of their visit helped me so much because homesickness was starting to set in. Now, I have just six days until I will be home in Virginia for a week during the break.

We are in our third and final round of the regular season. After our big win against Ashdod two nights ago, we are back in second place with a very good chance of sealing that position and earning home court advantage for the playoffs. We have two more games left before the break and we will play the last game of the third round against Rishon followed by the semifinal game of the Cup versus Ashdod when the season resumes. I can’t believe how quickly this season has passed. I will be back in Connecticut for the 20th season of the WNBA before I know it! I’m sure you are all following closely this time of year as moves are being made in free agency and teams are preparing for their selections in the draft. I’m looking forward to the fight to end my season here in Israel as a champion and to get back to the Sun to prepare for a successful summer.

I hope everyone is well and that you’re staying safe and warm. I heard the groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year so let’s hope spring temperatures really are starting earlier this year, haha!

Until next time…

– Jas

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