Rehabbing With Tuck: Volume 5

Hi Everyone!

This is an exciting week! Number one UConn plays number two Notre Dame! Anyone who is a fan of women’s college basketball knows that the UConn/Notre Dame rivalry is one of the best in all of basketball.

During my time at UConn I always looked forward to games versus Notre Dame. My freshman year, we lost to Notre Dame three straight times before we were able to beat them in the National Championship game. That year gave me a great understanding of how big this rivalry was. We knew after that we never wanted to lose to Notre Dame again!

My best memory of playing Notre Dame was my junior year when we played at Notre Dame. I remember not being able to hear my teammates because it was so loud! My favorite part of the rivalry is that women’s basketball gets a lot of attention nationally. People who don’t usually watch women’s basketball want to watch UConn vs Notre Dame.

Playing in this rivalry was a huge honor because I felt like we were helping the women’s game grow and become more popular. We were able to show the world that we are great athletes and deserve the attention during the entire season. I’m very excited to watch the game tonight because this year’s UConn team has been looking great. This is a rivalry that you don’t want to miss!